Who gets dressed first?

The Great First Look Debate: Bride or Groom, Who Dresses First?

Ah, the wedding day! A whirlwind of emotions, meticulous planning, and one burning question: Who gets dressed first? Traditionally, the bride waits in anticipation for the groom’s arrival, but modern love throws out the rulebook. So, let’s ditch tradition and dive into the pros and cons of each approach!

Team Groom First:

Reduces pre-wedding jitters: Seeing your partner calm and collected can ease those last-minute nerves for both of you.Surprise factor: The groom’s first glimpse of the bride in her full wedding attire can be a truly magical moment.

More relaxed morning: The groom can enjoy a leisurely morning routine without worrying about the bride being ready.

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Team Bride First:

Maintains the element of surprise: The groom’s reaction to seeing the bride walk down the aisle remains untainted.

Lessens bride’s anxiety: Knowing the groom hasn’t seen her yet allows the bride to focus on enjoying her pre-wedding moments.

Streamlined getting ready: Hair and makeup can be completed without worrying about wardrobe malfunctions or time constraints.

But wait, there’s more!

The “First Look”:

This modern twist involves the couple seeing each other before the ceremony in a private setting. It allows for intimate photos, eases nerves, and adds a special moment to your day.

Do your own thing! There’s no right or wrong answer. Discuss your preferences as a couple and choose what feels most comfortable and exciting for you both.

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Bonus Tips:

Consider logistics: Plan the getting-ready schedule based on photographer arrival times and ceremony start.

Communicate with your wedding party: Ensure everyone knows the plan to avoid confusion or delays.

Focus on what matters most: Regardless of who gets dressed first, remember the day is about celebrating your love and commitment.

So, dear brides and grooms, who will it be? Share your thoughts and preferences in the comments below!

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