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Pop the Champagne, Grab the Planner: How to Plan a Photo-Worthy Wedding

Step 1: Define Your “Photo-Worthy”

What does “photo-worthy” mean to you? Dreamy natural light? Timeless elegance? Vibrant pops of color? Identifying your desired aesthetic sets the foundation for your decisions. Browse wedding blogs, Pinterest boards, and photographer portfolios to gather inspiration and create a mood board that reflects your dream.

Step 2: Location, Location, Location!

Your venue sets the stage! Consider the natural light, architectural details, and potential backdrops. Will a sun-drenched garden exude the romantic vibe you seek? Or does a historic ballroom capture your classic style? Think beyond just aesthetics – ensure the venue accommodates your guest count and desired flow for capturing candid moments.

Step 3: Dress to Impress (the Camera)

Your attire plays a starring role! Choose wedding colors and dress styles that flatter your figures and complement your chosen aesthetic. Consider fabrics that photograph well (avoid overly shiny textures) and don’t forget about accessories – statement jewelry or floral crowns can add a touch of magic.

Unforgettable moments, forever preserved. 
Dancing into forever under the Athenian starry sky.

Step 4: The Power of Light (and Timing!)

Lighting is crucial! Opt for ceremonies during “golden hour” (the hour before sunset) for warm, flattering light. Strategically schedule key portrait sessions during this time to maximize photo magic. If your ceremony occurs under harsher midday sun, seek shaded areas or explore creative lighting techniques with your photographer.

Step 5: Find Your Dream Team

The photographer is your visual storyteller! Research photographers whose style aligns with your vision. Explore their portfolio, understand their pricing, and most importantly, connect with their personality. Feeling comfortable and trusting their expertise is key to capturing genuine emotions and candid moments.

Ready to find your perfect photography match? Contact me today to schedule a consultation and let’s discuss how I can capture your love story!

About the photographer
George Michalas

Nestled amidst the ancient magic of Athens, I weave stories of love and laughter into timeless photographs. But my journey began far from the sun-drenched Greek shoreline. Born under the vibrant skies of South Africa, I shot my first wedding back in 1997, in stunning Cape Town. More than just a photographer, I'm your confidante, your Greek guide, and your silent observer. With a blend of South African warmth and Greek passion, I'll turn your special day into memories that last a lifetime.