Kythira Island wedding

Kythira – with its gorges, waterfalls and perfect beaches!

The unique beauty of this quiet island, with the multi-faceted landscapes, is the ideal destination for couples that wish something unique for their wedding ceremony and reception. A secret paradise on a beautiful island, opposite the Southern part of Peloponnese, Greece.

Christie and Walter flew over from the U.S with their family and friends to celebrate a 3-day long wedding event which included a boat trip around the Island and some of its gorgeous secluded beaches.

“Kythera is known as the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty.”


About the photographer
George Michalas

Nestled amidst the ancient magic of Athens, I weave stories of love and laughter into timeless photographs. But my journey began far from the sun-drenched Greek shoreline. Born under the vibrant skies of South Africa, I shot my first wedding back in 1997, in stunning Cape Town. More than just a photographer, I'm your confidante, your Greek guide, and your silent observer. With a blend of South African warmth and Greek passion, I'll turn your special day into memories that last a lifetime.