Celebrate Every Splash: A Look Back at Last Season’s Beautiful Baptisms

There’s something truly magical about a baptism. It’s a day filled with joy, love, and the celebration of a new beginning. Here at Michalas Studios, we’re honored to capture these precious moments for families, transforming them into lasting memories. This past season, we had the privilege of filming a variety of baptisms, each one unique … Read more

A Dream Wedding on the Athenian Riviera: Helen and Peter’s Magical Day

Saying “I Do” in Paradise: A Fairytale Wedding on the Athenian Riviera For Helen and Peter, a picture-perfect wedding wasn’t just a dream; it became a reality on the stunning Athenian Riviera. This Greek American couple, living life across the Atlantic, chose Greece for its rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and undeniable romantic charm. Their special … Read more

Athenian Riviera Rendezvous: Katerina & John’s Wildly Glamorous Seaside Wedding at Ktima 48

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Athenian Summer Bliss: Georgina & Lambro’s Wedding at Alsos Nymfon

The sun-drenched Athenian summer shimmered as Georgina and Lambro embarked on their forever journey, their love story blooming amidst the idyllic haven of Ktima Alsos Nymfon. Nestled in the heart of Athens’ northern suburbs, this enchanting venue, with its quaint church nestled within, provided the perfect backdrop for a celebration brimming with elegance, joy, and … Read more

Romance on the Athens Riviera: Evelyn and George’s Wedding Story

Beautifully nuzzled on the sun-kissed shores of the Athenian Riviera, the beautiful venues of Grand Resort Lagonissi invite guests to celebrate the most important moments in life.This majestic venue in Grand Resort Lagonissi makes any day of celebration, a day to remember…

A Love Affair by the Sea: Aisa & Salim’s Dream Beach Wedding on the Athens Riviera

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Athens: Your Dream Destination Wedding in Greece

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Why your wedding album is important

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The importance of meeting your photographer

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How Many Photographers Do You Need for Your Wedding?

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