Baptism Photography

In the Greek Orthodox Church, the day of your baptism is looked at as one of the most important because it signifies the day that you truly become a Christian. It is the true beginning of the life of an Orthodox Christian.

Baptisms are one of the most meaningful and exciting events of any family. On this big day, the little man gets the name and his protector spirit guide, who will protect him during the entire life.


A child’s baptism day is a once in a life time event and I feel extremely honoured to have photographed so many beautiful baptisms over the past couple of years. I’ve met so many wonderful families and been so impressed with the effort parents have put into creating such memorable events. When the day finally arrives, parents really want to enjoy being with their family and loved ones, while at the same time have this important milestone documented beautifully in photographs. That’s where a professional photographer comes in. Parents can relax and enjoy the occasion without having to worry about taking photographs themselves or relying on a friend or relative to photograph the day. And that’s not the only benefit…

A keepsake for your child

As much as your child might enjoy being lavished with all that extra attention from family and friends it’s unlikely they will have any recollection of the day itself! In years to come, photographs will tell the story of where the christening was held, who was there, what your child looked like and all those gorgeous details of the day that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Beautiful images of the service itself

A professional photographer has the skill and camera kit required to take photographs in low-light situations which is especially important for ensuring the significant moments of the church ceremony are captured beautifully. More importantly, an experienced photographer will be able to anticipate those moments and capture them quietly and unobtrusively.

High quality images ready to print

With so many of us owning cameras and mobile phones these days it can be tempting to rely on family or guests to take photographs, hoping that at least some of them will be of a high enough quality for you to print. Hiring a professional means that you’ll get properly composed, sharp images that can be printed at various sizes. Your images will also have been beautifully edited so that the colors, tones and contrast are consistent. This is so important when you go to display a series of photographs together in a collage or album for example.

“George photographed our son’s baptism and we could not be more delighted with the photos -they are beautiful. Our guests commented on how ‘unintrusive’ Michaela’s photography was on the day. We now have a collection of amazing photos…”

— Maria , Athens