Couples Photography

A Pre-wedding photoshoot is the photography service you get before your wedding. People who haven’t got the opportunity since then to be photographed by a professional photographer, this is considered to be best.

Half the time beginner wedding photographers don’t quite realize the importance of pre-wedding shoots. From the moment a couple meets their wedding photographer and the contract is made, till the wedding date, it is usually several months. It is impossible for the wedding photographer or the couple to remember everything that was said.

A pre-wedding shoot not only reaffirms the relationship between the wedding photographer and the couple but it also has other important advantages. The wedding day is the biggest day in the couple’s life. They are already under severe stress without having to face a complete stranger pointing a camera towards them and asking them to pose. Notwithstanding the importance of those images, it is way too much to ask of them. As a wedding photographer, your first task is to mitigate that fear and make sure that the couple does not feel like they are facing a stranger with an intimidating camera, but rather a friend that they know very well. That can make all the difference.

Benefits of a pre-wedding shoot

Ditching the camera nerves

Being romantic with your partner otherwise is completely different when no one’s looking as compared to when you have an entire team of photographers clicking you from every angle. 

If you are camera-friendly, there is good news, because you won’t be encountering any issue. But, in case one of y’all are camera-cautious, this is a good chance to start making yourselves used to the idea of having a camera or a bunch of them all around.

Hair and makeup trial

It is a great chance for you to check out the work of your potential vendors during this period. Especially when it comes to hair and makeup, it’s best if things are not messed up at the end moment. Also, you will get a chance to view how you and your partner will look after your makeover, in professionally clicked pictures. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Experience different locations

One of the most exciting parts of a pre-wedding shoot these days has become the choice of location. If you are planning on exploring an exquisite offbeat location for your shoot, you can have the time of your life!

Thanks again for being so flexible in scheduling our photo shoot.  The pictures you took will always be cherished reminders of this special time in our lives. We couldn’t be more pleased with them.

Jenny & Paul

What’s most important for a couple is making as many happy memories as possible. Before the wedding day, couples generally get very little time to spend with one another owing to the hectic outfit trials, vendor meetings and shopping schedules. A pre-wedding shoot is a good opportunity for y’all to bond, spend some quality moments and destress.